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Exotic Herbs - We keep developing variants of herb that will bring you to experience the uniqueness and benefits of our exotic herb. The combination of the spice-savory flavor and also benefits contained will make you stay healthy in body, mind and soul
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We provide packaging in the form of tea bags for a convenient cup to give you the enjoyment of precise cup of tea

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loose tea for the perfect excuse to indulge yourself by taking a little extra time to prepare your favourite taste



  • Exotic Herbs
Indonesia has been known as an archipelago country, rich with its herbs. Especia offers you an exotic blend of black tea with Indonesian herbs like cardamom, good in reducing cholesterol, cinnamon, a perfect mood booster, clove, rich of antioxidants and ginger which can give a warming and reviving effects. The steeping produces a caramel scent, medium body, malty and herby aftertaste. Truly a authentic Indonesian tea with lots of benefits.
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