Sumatera Oolong

SAVIS’ Sumatra Oolong, also known as ‘Kepahiang’ Oolong, originated from the Bukit Barisan Mountainous near the Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park which UNESCO has been assigned as one of World Heritage Cluster Mountainous Area. The fresh air, clean water and bright sunshine throughout the year, produce green emerald tea leaves.

Processed as oolong tea, creates a golden yellow green emerald color infusion, offers a smooth buttery flavor like ripe apple fruit, delicate fresh floral aroma and nutty notes.



  • Classic Tea


A yellowish emerald green infusion, with smooth buttery flavor like ripe apple, fresh floral aroma and nutty notes. Good for metabolism
Also famous as 'Oolong Bengkulu', it comes from Bukit Barisan Mountain in Sumatera Island. The marvelous tea creates green jade infusion with yellow tones, offer a smooth buttery flavor with delicate floral aroma, slightly vegetal and nutty notes. Calming and soothing.