Silver Tips

White tea comes from tea buds that have not bloomed and picked before sunrise so it does not undergo oxidation process for maximum benefit. SAVIS’ Silver Tips produces a clear golden colored infusion, with delicate floral fragrant and a hint of sweet honey aftertaste. Silver Tips with its silvery color on the edges and needle shaped, has the highest antioxidant useful for anti-aging as well as helping concentration and brain development in children.



  • Classic Tea


A silvery bud with highest antioxidant creates a clear golden infusion. Delicate, fresh flower aroma and a hint of sweet honey aftertaste. Anti-aging and help brain development in children .
Silver tips is produced from hand picked buds, with clear liquor, floral aroma, a hint of sweetness and honey after taste. Contain high polyphenol as anti aging that is good for health and beauty.