Classic Tea

Classic Tea - We present the most enjoyable Classic Teas. Our expert blenders have selected premium leaves to produce traditional and original taste. Each tea has a special recipe that has been enjoyed around the world.


Pure White Tea is made from the chosen unopened tea buds having a delicate taste, floral fragrance and the scent of honey aftertaste. With the high antioxidant, it’s good for children's brain development. This tea is best preserved with the sweet desserts and fruits.


Delicate and light. Floral fragrance, and scent of honey aftertaste. Antioxidant-rich and antiaging.


Brewing recipe: (icon) 85°C, 0.5 – 1 minute, 200 ml

Weight & packages, price: (pic) 50 tea bag, 90 K; bottle glass 15 g, 100 K

Pure White Tea

White Tea has the highest concentration of antioxidant known as polyphenol that is good for helping child brain.

Silver Tips

White tea comes from tea buds that have not bloomed and picked before sunrise so it does not undergo oxidation process for maximum benefit. SAVIS’ Silver Tips produces a clear golden colored infusion, with delicate floral fragrant and a hint of sweet honey aftertaste. Silver Tips with its silvery color on the edges and needle shaped, has the highest antioxidant useful for anti-aging as well as helping concentration and brain development in children.

Sumatera Oolong

SAVIS’ Sumatra Oolong, also known as ‘Kepahiang’ Oolong, originated from the Bukit Barisan Mountainous near the Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park which UNESCO has been assigned as one of World Heritage Cluster Mountainous Area. The fresh air, clean water and bright sunshine throughout the year, produce green emerald tea leaves.

Processed as oolong tea, creates a golden yellow green emerald color infusion, offers a smooth buttery flavor like ripe apple fruit, delicate fresh floral aroma and nutty notes.

English Breakfast

A traditional English style black tea. SAVIS presents English Breakfast made of medium bodied Indonesian black tea with unique characteristic. Suitable served in the morning with meals, a perfect companion to start your day.

Pure Oolong Tea

Pure selected oolong tea with flowery aroma and a hint of nutty flavor. Oolong tea help to regulate body metabolism. Best to be drink after  consuming fatty food.

Pure Green Tea

Suitable drink after having fatty food. Selected tea leaves from old trees in the highland plantation of Indonesia. With robust and astringency to give invigorating effect. Green tea contains high antioxidant that is good for health and beauty.

Jewel of East Gunpowder

From the historical Mount Lawu slope, lies between Central Java and East Java, with more than 3000 m above sea level altitude, produced best tea leaves from hundreds of years grown mature trees with high level of catechins, polyphenols and antioxidants. The selected tea leaves are neatly rolled-tight and shaped like gunpowder, producing a bright yellow color infusion, with high astringent and authentic smoky notes. Good for anti-cholesterol and body slimming. A suitable drink after having fatty food.

Java Orange Pekoe

Reminiscent of the legendary Mount Malabar in West Java, which expanse of tea tree like a tapestry, produce a fine Indonesian black tea which famous since the colonial era. Java OP creates a beautiful bright amber liquor with sweet caramel, malty, medium body and fresh cedar wood aftertaste. Good for your heart.

Earl Grey

Earl Grey is believed to be the most popular flavored tea in the world. SAVIS' Earl Grey is a classic blend made of rich and robust Indonesian black tea combines with the freshness of citrus bergamot. Relieve fatigue and uplift your mood.