Aromatic Authentic Indonesia - Delightful fragrant teas ranging from authentic Indonesian recipe teas. Moreover, the distinctive scent will take you to always remember the aroma of the Indonesian's tea freshness and grandeur

Java Jasmine Tea

Along the northern coast of Central Java has a long history of tea. It is the birth place of the authentic Indonesian tea, which are processed traditionally by blending tea leaves with Java jasmine buds. SAVIS proudly presents Javanese Jasmine Tea, a deep red-brownish color infusion with fragrant, astringent and a hint of sweetness aftertaste.

Experience 'the Spirit of Java' in every sip.

Pandanus Green Tea

Famous for its beautiful nature, Bali Island is also known for its tradition and spiritual ceremony. Balinese people are common to use pandan leaves for their traditional and religious ceremony, as well as for local culinary. Pandan is very good for releasing stress and tiredness.

Exotic blend of pandan leaves and traditionally processed tea leaves with pottery from traditional local farmers produce a medium body, strong character and aromatic savory infusion that bring relaxing and soothing effect. It is like a big hug in a warm and cozy place.

Pandanus Green Tea

A delicate savoury and aromatic scent of pandan leaves mixed with strong, astringent, little bit smoky green tea. Comforting like a big hug.

Royal Princess

The sophisticated Royal Princess was inspired from the rich heritage of Java tea tradition. Unlike the other jasmine tea, the recipes of this authentic Indonesia tea were passed down from generation to generation, and using only premium grade of tea leaves infused with jasmine bud that only grows in the northern coast of Central Java. A long and complex process, produce a brownish red color infusion with aromatic soft jasmine that calming the soul, soothing the mind and bring to the old classic Java ambiance.

Exotic Especia

From centuries, Indonesian archipelago has been famous for its exotic herbs. SAVIS’ Exotic Especia offers you an exotic blend of the goodness of black tea with Indonesian herbs like cardamom that is good for reducing cholesterol, cinnamon that is perfect for mood booster, clove with its rich antioxidants and ginger with warming and reviving effect. Truly an exotic Indonesian drink with a lot of goodness.

Teh Krampoel

The authentic Java Jasmine tea with local taste and hints of time, usually sold at traditional tavern (known as 'hik'). Only in Central Java. Refreshing and comforting.